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 Inseparable Bonds

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Sahara <3

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PostSubject: Inseparable Bonds   Thu Oct 11, 2007 7:16 pm

This is My first story!!

I normaly just write Lyrcis, or a poem.

But here you go, i hope you like it.

Chapter 1 - The Life Change

So it all started when my parents started fighting constantly for pointless reasons, and even at the age of 16 it still was all clear to me that my parents were never going to get along. My dad, John, was always at bar's and coming home drunk as who knows what, and my mom, Julia, was always depressed because of dad. And that also made me depressed, which made it worst because my grades dropped, and everything was just messed up. One night, my dad went out on a usual Saturday night to play pool at a bar with his friendís. Iíd normally stay up until dad gets home, but I had a long and tiring day so I went to bed. Apparently, in the morning dad wasn't even home yet, and mom must have gone to work. I had no school of course, because it was Sunday.
So I didn't really think it would be a big deal that my dad didn't come home last night. I don't know what fooled me to think that, but when my dad came home he didn't say a word to me. He just went straight upstairs. When mom came home there was a HUGE Fight. They didn't talk to each other for days, but when they finally did, something happened that I really did not see coming, though it was so obvious even a blind rat would have seen it. My parents got a divorce, but I stayed with my dad, because my mom didn't understand me. My dad has always been there for me when all my mom did was yell and get all mad about everything.

And that was when my whole life changed.


Chapter - 2 SeperateWays

Today was the day mom and dad went there seperate way's.

As mom Drove away i wondered where she was going and why she didn't tell me, it wasn't such a shock she didn't tell me because we didn't really talk much anyway.

" Are you gonna miss her ?" I asked dad as he stared out into space.
" Of course i'm going to miss her, she was a huge part of my life",he said with a soft voice.
" Well yes i know, but what i meant by that was, after all that ......... " he didn't even let me finish.
" It was Her Choice".

Everything went silent and we both went to our rooms skipping dinner.

It was really too hard to sleep when i had so much on my mind and everything happened so fast, so much confusion left with me i felt like i didn't know anything anymore, i don't think i could feel anything, this heard feeling of anger mixed with Sadness. As i laid on my bed, staring at the ceiling i over heard dad talking on the phone.

" Julia we can't just do this to Rachel"
There was a long pause. And then he started again, really loud this time too.
" Well, is it my fault you fell in love with another man?, Was it My fault i wasn't good enough for you?"
After a few more " Tssking " he ended the call and i heard him coming toward's my door.
He came in and saw that i was awake, and let out a really deep and exosted sigh of frustration.
"Having trouble sleeping?" He asked trying to make his tone of voice more tender.
"Yeah, i have alot on my mind"
"Same here, im about to go take a drive, i'll see you in the morning". He said letting out another deep sigh.
"Well, Good Night Darlin" He said after kissing me on the forehead.

As dad was out driving, i finally realized where mom was going, why mom was always so depressed, why she was always on the phone giggling, and why mom and dad always had tention between each other.

It was all because of this guy mom fell inlove with, that's what all this is about.

Everything was finally coming into place.

After getting a few hour's of sleep, that morning i woke up to the phone ringing, just then i didn't know i was going to get the shock of my life.


Chapter 3 - The Phone Call

"Hello", I said answering the phone with a tired voice.

" Hello, this is The The Cleavelan Hospital, And we have called to say that we have your father here he was in a terrible Car accident, he would like it if he could see you"

I was silent for a while, I didn't know what to say, all i know was that these word the guy from the Hospital just said were Echoing in my head.

'Hello Are you there?"

" Uhh Yes sorry ,ok well tell him i will be there as soon as possible."

I said with Great Sorrow, Shock, and Hurt in my voice, it was so obvious that i was worried That i was orderd not to.

" Please don't worry, He isnt in the best condition but we have great hope that he will Progress soon, Good Bye have a good day"

It wasnet me to be this impoliete but all i did was hung up without a word.

I Got dressed imedietly and called one of my freind's to take me to the hospital to see dad.

" Hey Matt do you think You could Pick me up?, My Dad is at the Hospital"

" wow, what happend?"

"Car Accident"

" is he ok?"

"i think"

" Ok, i Just got up, i'll be there as soon as possible"

" k, Thank's Matt"

" No Problem, see you in a sec Rach"

I Hung up and went out Side to wait for matt, while sitting there i thought about how much i would blame mom if anything happend to dad, I know that's mean, but no one can understand how much i despise her right now.

Matt Arrived, i got in the car.

" Now i Remember how awesome and helpful it is to have have older freind's."

Matt Smiled as we drove off.


Hope you liked it. Smile

*~*Dirty little secret's lie beneath the truth.*~*
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PostSubject: Re: Inseparable Bonds   Thu Oct 25, 2007 9:41 am

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Sahara <3

Female Number of posts : 664
Age : 24
Location : Florida
Registration date : 2007-09-17

PostSubject: Re: Inseparable Bonds   Fri Oct 26, 2007 10:38 am

i'm gonna update. its just i have a lot of wok to be done ill e done like in a fw day's ... sowwwy

*~*Dirty little secret's lie beneath the truth.*~*
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PostSubject: Re: Inseparable Bonds   

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Inseparable Bonds
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