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 Song #12 -Sara Bareilles-Love Song

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Sahara <3
Sahara <3

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PostSubject: Song #12 -Sara Bareilles-Love Song   Fri Dec 07, 2007 2:51 am

Amazing song!!!

It makes me smile every time i hear it, I don't know why.

I fell inlove with it the first time i heard it, now every time i hear it, in the car with my sis or something i like freak out like " omg its my song" yeah.

So yeah, it also makes me think of someone lol.

So i met this guy once, and we were talking about the fact that i write lyrics,He was like " You should Write a song about me one day" and i said ok, you have to be someone worth writing about. And he was all sweet and stuff, until like i really got to know him, Good Lord he's really such a perverted jerk, anyways, I think this song is just KINDA like that, i guess.

Ok, So with what i just said, its either i made no sense at all scratch , or i REALY jUSt got THE POINT OUT! Very Happy


*~*Dirty little secret's lie beneath the truth.*~*
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Song #12 -Sara Bareilles-Love Song
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