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 Colbie Caillat

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PostSubject: Colbie Caillat   Colbie Caillat Icon_minitimeSun Nov 11, 2007 6:27 pm

You had probably heard this before. Maybe not...
That's a girl from California, her father is a big music producer.
So her fisrt single is Bubbly. Her cd released in July 2007.
Personnaly, I love her. She had a very good and pretty voice. All of her music is good and that's a good idea for a gift.

If you understand french go see this...
that's a skyblog that I do. its talk about music, artist....

so go see my blog and listen to Colbie!!! Razz
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Sahara <3
Sahara <3

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PostSubject: Re: Colbie Caillat   Colbie Caillat Icon_minitimeMon Nov 12, 2007 1:26 am

Yeah, i fell inlove with that song, she is really awesome.

My sister loves the song also, thanks for sharing the blog.


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Colbie Caillat
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